Position first.

Position before submission – In Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense) I learned the concept “position before submission”.  If you are not positioned properly, your maneuver will not work or worse backfire with dire consequences.

It’s the same with marketing.

In our over-communicated society, where we’re bombarded with messages, where every waking moment is a brand new brand experience; from turning off your buzzing Sony, to brushing with your teeth with Crest to pouring your bowl of….well, you get the picture.

A brand has to carve out a niche in the mind of the audience to position a product or service before it can begin a battle, in this case, for market share.

Why do some brands like Apple and Nike succeed where others languish?  They are well positioned in the mind. Then everything else they do, from advertising and social media to the hang-tags in the store, follow along on that well planned path.