Corporate Communications

Like the wheel and Guttenberg’s movable type: A Revolution has occured.

In a bygone era, advertising could clean up most any mess.  But today, all the pr kings and all the advertising hucksters, couldn’t put Enron together again.

Today (like every other day) the camera doesn’t lie.  But what’s changed today is  everyone has a camera.  Everyone is a potential reporter, ad exec and pr pro.

Therefore, when news is no longer generated down a one-way street, when citizens are armed with camera phones and text is a verb, where their scoop is posted in a nano-second, we’re seeing a further erosion in the power that corporations, businesses and institutions have to control their message.

What’s needed is a pro-active approach, based on a clear Mission, Vision and Values that gets translated throughout an organization.  It has to be an organic / holistic approach, not just a top/down communications initiative.  Brands like Southwest and Starbucks succeed because their employees are their best advocates and share at each and every touch-point the larger, grander corporate message that’s then demonstrated and supported.