It Takes More Than an Open House to Market Schools

    The competition for students has already begun among independent schools aimed at the next school year. Open House season has been in full force and planning is underway to showcase and offer up each school’s unique assets within, what’s become, an ever-growing and fiercely competitive market. Indeed, jockeying for a school’s positioning in […]

Battle For Market Share

        Words, terms and descriptions of the latest aerial bombardments now underway in the Middle East aimed at ISIS, have an uncanny similarity to marketing lingo. While real world battles are far more serious than the flimsy celluloid and ephemeral airwaves that carry an advertiser’s message, our non-violent nomenclature is a knockoff. […]

What ‘X-Men’ Can Teach Management

  While business executives, managers and entrepreneurs of every stripe have or will be going to see “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” they may not perceive a deeper lesson in the tale. The X-Men are not a single hero or dynamic duo. They are a whole team of incredible beings — the type that any […]

Embracing health care’s shakeup

  For organizations, businesses and especially their staff, the word “change” often conjures nothing short of anxiety, fear and trepidation. And there’s perhaps no other industry in Maryland that has had to deal with change more rapidly than health care. Indeed, it’s no secret that many of the leading health care organizations in Maryland have […]

An Interview with Business Interviews

“A brand is an idea that gives wings to a product, so it can soar.” Written by B.I. Abe Novick AbeBuzz Owner & President http:/ For the past 20-years Abe has worked in the communications agency business, first on Madison Avenue and then in Baltimore rising to the executive level of Director and Senior Vice […]

Today’s Mad Men

To peer back in time via AMC’s hit show “Mad Men” is like gazing into an old GAF Viewmaster. The advertising world it nostalgically depicts, often referred to as the “creative revolution,” is frozen in a Purgatorial time warp. Each cultural meme of the show – from the Brylcreemed hair to the mod clothes donned […]

Stop reading this and pay attention to the road!

It’s a good thing Gertrude Stein never said, “A phone is a phone is a phone.” Clearly, these days, her tautology would be a disconnect, received like a dropped call. The mobile devices we’re so dependent on, attached like an extension of our brains, are so much more. Ultimately, they allow everything to be knowable. […]

Brand Rewind For Netflix

We consumers get very attached to our brands.  We bond and even form relationships.  So when a brand suddenly changes direction, without fair warning, it can be like a spouse springing some kind of big news on you. Imagine coming home and finding your husband or wife decided to take up smoking? Or they completely […]

Brand Over Body

As a philosophy major, I was attracted to the business of brands because they bring about the post-modern day quest to tackle one of the oldest philosophical conundrums by asking the question, “What is real?” Is the product the reality, or is it the brand? Is what exists on the store shelves the brand, or […]

The Further Convergence of Work & Play

On the rapid road of mobile technology, it was only a relatively short time ago in business communications, when replying to practically any e-missive an auto sign-off, “sent from my BlackBerry” carried timely caché. BlackBerry held the brand mantle of work. The tagged reply implied, “I am busily rushing between important meetings and in transit, […]