“Abe is a one-of-a-kind strategic thinker who is constantly alert to future trends in the marketplace. As director of business development at Eisner Communications, Abe employed a clever PR approach to recast a small provincial agency into an intriguing national contender. His efforts helped attract several high-profile accounts in the time that I worked with him. Abe’s talents extend beyond the world of advertising — since he happens to also be a prolific columnist and op-ed writer!”

Michael Rowland, Strategic Planning Director
Eisner Communications

“I worked with Abe at Eisner Communications for several years. During that time he proved to be a vary valuable member of our team in a variety of ways.
First, Abe was a highly capable Director of our new business efforts. He was successful at getting the agency into numerous reviews. Once in the review, Abe was a contributing member of the team that developed the agency’s pitch strategy and execution.

Second, he was a very effective press relations person for the agency. Eisner became well-known thanks in large part, to Abe’s efforts to secure publicity for the agency and its work. He was adept at developing strong relationships with key members of the advertising trade press and to utilize those relationships for the benefit of the agency.

I highly recommend Abe. He is a great contributor and a pleasure to work with.”

Peter Gladstone, Executive Vice President
Eisner Communications


“I have been working with Abe since July of 2007. I have found Abe to be an outgoing, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. Abe is independent and self directed. His superb communication skills and ability to meet the most demanding challenges enabled our company to pitch many prominent businesses in the Baltimore area as well as the rest of the country. In addition to his new business development responsibilities, Abe has taken a leadership role in all of our public relation initiatives.”

Anya Cappolla, Director of Strategy
Euro RSCG Baltimore

Richman Associates hired Abe, as a consultant, to help advance its position as a bioscience communications firm. Abe is extremely talented. He is an excellent team member, planner, and writer. He understands the parameters of projects and is extremely good at matching people up with responsibilities.

Elaine A. Richman, Ph.D.,
Richman Associates